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How good are you at quickly navigating TikTok's accounts. Answer as many questions as you can in 20 minutes and find out your score.

The FU Challenge

The following test is a sample of what you can expect as part of our accredited and highly popular Understanding Company Accounts course.

This test uses the 2021 annual accounts/financial statements for TikTok Information Technologies UK Ltd. This fascinating company is the UK-based arm for TikTok's operations Europe, Africa, the Middle East and some of Latin America.

The accounts we will use can be found on UK Companies House. But because they are not searchable when you download them from there, we've created a searchable PDF which you will need to read or download from the link below to take the test.


1. Download the PDF here.

2. Enter the test form here.

3. Take a deep breath.

4. Start your clock timer and give yourself 20 minutes.

5. Be strict with your time...journalists don't like cheats, remember!

6. At the end of 20 minutes go to the Submit button at the end and you'll see your score!

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Good luck!

If you are interested in more challenges like this and want to learn way more (narrated by the likes of Tanya above), do read about our full course here.