‘Follow the Money’ workshops

We work with individual newsrooms and NGOs to identify and develop live stories through a mixture of training and follow the money analysis in a workshop setting.

Story driven workshops

Our experienced team at Finance Uncovered is available to work with single organisations in a workshop environment that is part-training and part-doing.

We can help accelerate your team's investigations by deploying our financial skills and general news sense to company reports and leaks that you may have obtained.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, ideally face-to-face in your office, we bring a focus that teases out news leads and stories.

Over one, two or three days our staff will try to provide a route map to get your story or investigation to the next level while imparting lessons and empowering staff.

At Finance Uncovered, we love this type of dynamic training – learning by doing – because it gets results. We are journalists, after all!

Track record

Among others, we have delivered story driven workshops for:

  • Africa Uncensored (Kenya)
    In February 2019, two of our staffers travelled to Kenya to help identify specific stories. We also pulled into the project our friends at Open Contracting Partnership to provide additional expertise and guidance. The collaboration was harmonious and extremely productive. A large number of powerful stories have been produced, including Stella's Web and the powerful three-part film, Saving Esther.
  • The Daily Prothom Alo (Bangladesh)
    In March 2018, we spent a week in the Daily Prothom Alo newsroom in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the mornings, we ran a series of "follow the money" training sessions to eight news and business reporters. In the afternoons, we worked with reporters one-on-one helping them with various investigations and leads. From this process emerged a prize-winning story by Fakrul Islam, 'Bribes by the Kilogram'.
  • Public Services International (Various)
    In May 2017, we worked with members of PSI from countries including Barbados and Uganda. We helped them produce four stories focused on different multinationals which were either avoiding significant amounts of tax or making outsize profits in a way that may have worked against the public interest. This resulted in a PSI report, Private Profits and the Public Purse. This particular workshop was the launchpad for our subsequent investigation into capital gains tax avoidance.


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