By Margot Gibbs and Lionel Faull

A leak of private property data in Dubai has shed new light on how the proceeds of a notorious $1.3 billion oil deal involving Shell may have been spent on luxury villas in the secretive Arab Emirate.

Finance Uncovered has discovered the name of former Nigerian oil minister Daniel Etete among thousands of property and residency records compiled by assorted real estate professionals in Dubai. The leak was obtained by the US non-profit C4ADS, passed to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and seen by Finance Uncovered.

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We are delighted to put out a call to journalists, campaigners and academics to attend our new FIVE-DAY financial investigative journalism and data security training course at City University, London.

The dates for our next training will be:

Monday 17 September 2018 – Friday 21 September 2018

You do not need to have a financial background to apply but we consider it important when selecting candidates to see evidence of your investigative experience. Class instructions will take place in English.

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The World Bank has in recent days sanctioned three companies for corrupt practices at the Rift Valley Railway. Africa Railways Logistics Limited, Africa Railways, and Rift Valley Railways Kenya Limited.

The Rift Valley Railway was the subject of an investigation co-ordinated by Finance Uncovered in 2016. It was published by De Correspondent (Netherlands), The Daily Reporter (Kenya), The Observer (Uganda) and MO (Belgium).

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Lib Dem leader and former Business Secretary Sir Vince Cable has called on the Home Office and National Crime Agency to explain themselves over the revelation that the UK’s most important anti-money laundering agency let JP Morgan transfer $875m to a convicted money launderer involved in the notoriously “corrupt” Nigerian oil deal OPL 245.

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The UK’s frontline anti-money laundering unit gave the green light to transfer $875m from a “corrupt” oil deal – to a high profile politician with a money laundering conviction.

The shocking revelation is contained in High Court documents filed last week by JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Defending itself from a massive claim for damages by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the US bank claims it repeatedly sought consent from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) to make the payments.

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