Warren Thompson

Helpdesk Facilitator and Investigative Reporter

Warren is based in London and joined Finance Uncovered in February 2023 to help lead our Helpdesk operations with partner organisations. An experienced financial journalist with a particular background in mining and extractive industries, he also adds to our training and investigative reporting capacity.

After obtaining a degree in finance, Warren began his career in Johannesburg in private banking before migrating to financial journalism. Over the last 13 years, Warren has gained experience reporting across print, radio, and television as both a journalist and editor. He spent three years with Business Day and the Financial Mail in Johannesburg covering banks and financial institutions, and was previously the editor of mining at Moneyweb.

Prior to joining Finance Uncovered, he worked at Debtwire in London covering corporate and sovereign debt restructurings.

His substantial body of journalistic work includes investigating the $8bn fraud at Steinhoff International, revealing the sophisticated financial engineering at the Resilient group of companies, and detailing the machinations of short-seller Viceroy Research.

He is also the co-author of The Battle of Bangui: The inside story of South Africa's worst military scandal since Apartheid, which resulted from nearly four years of investigation with his two co-authors. The book describes the dubious reasons for the South African military intervention in the Central African Republic in 2013, which led to the deaths of as many as 800 men, including 15 South African soldiers.

Warren can be contacted by email.