Through her groundbreaking work (for example, here and here) exposing the role of offshore companies and secrecy jurisdictions in Bangladesh’s toxic ship breaking industry, Finance Uncovered reporter Margot Gibbs had become a go-to expert for other media organisations.

In early 2020, BBC Radio 4’s flagship investigative programme, File on 4, approached Margot for help on its own documentary, Shipping’s Dirty Secret. Margot helped with their research and provided key voice commentary in the programme.

As File on 4 says: “The shipping industry is worth millions to the British economy and we depend on it for most of our goods. File on 4 lifts the lid on the dangerous and polluting world of shipbreaking and investigates why ships once owned by UK companies end their lives on beaches in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

The programme, first broadcast in March 2021, is available as a podcast here. The BBC write-up is here.

Posted by Ted Jeory

Ted Jeory is an award-winning journalist who changed career from accountancy in 2002, having worked for the likes of JP Morgan and Mobil Oil. Since then he has worked as a news, politics and social affairs reporter and editor in local and national newspapers. He also spent many years writing an acclaimed blog about the corrupted politics of Tower Hamlets in east London. He is passionate about journalism being a force for good at grass-roots levels and while deputy editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, he created the idea for its award-winning Bureau Local project. He joined Finance Uncovered as co-director in January 2017. PGP public key fingerprint: 0F5EB5EE