What our network members are saying about us

“After the course, we produced a detailed report on some of the biggest land grabbing firms in the world. I did a lot of digging through company accounts that I probably wouldn’t have done or been able to do properly otherwise. And this is where a lot of really important information came out.”

Devlin Kuyek, GRAIN, Canada

“I have worked on several offshore investigations, but after the second day of the course I realised I didn’t have proper knowledge on the issue and that I missed very important clues. I have participated in more than 50 different media programmes in the last 15 years and this course is by far the best one regarding the knowledge participants can get.”

Milorad Ivanovic, Team Leader for Special Projects at Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Serbia, and ICIJ

“I found each day useful in different ways. I thought it was a really well conceived course with good variety between micro and macro, the abstract and case studies. Also an excellent mix of real experts in their fields talking to us!”

Juliana Ruhfus, Senior Presenter at Al Jazeera, UK

“In my previous works, I’ve investigated smuggling by tobacco giants, royalty fraud in the extractive industry and ethanol import scams. Never for once did I imagine that these subjects were tax related. But looking back at the long routes I travelled in each of the investigations, I can see how my work would have been a lot better and my life easier if I had tracked the illicit processes thinking “tax”. Indeed it was a revelation and beautiful exercise in night vision.”

Emmanuel Mayah, Editor of Satellite Times, Nigeria

“The entire course sensitised me to the issue of tax and how it plays a role in organised crime and illegal financial deals. I would have solely focused on the illegal gold smuggling and probably would have ignored the tax issue along the lines of “well, that’s not such a serious crime” when I made my documentary. The reason why the Finance Uncovered course was really invaluable is that it encourages you to look further than just the people who are mining the gold and the smugglers.”

Susan Comrie, Investigator at amaBhungane, South Africa

“I found the sessions on reading company accounts, the session on tax evasion and the techniques employed to stash up monies in tax havens, and the investigative documentary showing high-level corruption, among others, really compelling.”

Toyin Akinniyi, Media Capacity Development at Natural Resource Governance Institute, Nigeria