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Finance Uncovered is an investigative journalism training and reporting project. Here is a little bit more about us.

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We leverage our global network of investigative journalists to deliver hard hitting investigations on global economic issues.

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What our network members are saying about us

“The entire course sensitised me to the issue of tax and how it plays a role in organised crime and illegal financial deals. I would have solely focused on the illegal gold smuggling and probably would have ignored the tax issue along the lines of “well, that’s not such a serious crime” when I made my documentary. The reason why the Finance Uncovered course was really invaluable is that it encourages you to look further than just the people who are mining the gold and the smugglers.”

Susan Comrie, Investigator at amaBhungane, South Africa

“I found the sessions on reading company accounts, the session on tax evasion and the techniques employed to stash up monies in tax havens, and the investigative documentary showing high-level corruption, among others, really compelling.”

Toyin Akinniyi, Media Capacity Development at Natural Resource Governance Institute, Nigeria