We dug through #DubaiLeaks files, a cache of Dubai property ownership data passed to the OCCRP.  We found properties owned by key figures involved in a fraud which in total cost the UK Treasury billions in stolen funds.

VAT fraudsters stole an estimated £16.5bn from the UK between 2005 and 2016 – and investigators told us that the flow of stolen cash went offshore to Dubai.

We identified more than 30 properties belonging to individuals whose scams had cost the UK almost £100m.

The former assistant director of the HM Revenue and Customs organised crime national coordination unit told us that Dubai’s permissive attitude to dirty cash has led to the Emirate becoming the new “Costa del Crime”.

Read our story here in the Observer published in June 2018.

By Margot Gibbs and Lionel Faull

A leak of private property data in Dubai has shed new light on how the proceeds of a notorious $1.3 billion oil deal involving Shell may have been spent on luxury villas in the secretive Arab Emirate.

Finance Uncovered has discovered the name of former Nigerian oil minister Daniel Etete among thousands of property and residency records compiled by assorted real estate professionals in Dubai. The leak was obtained by the US non-profit C4ADS, passed to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and seen by Finance Uncovered.

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By Lionel Faull and Margot Gibbs

It is known as the ‘Beverly Hills of Dubai’, an exclusive housing estate whose gleaming marble-clad villas overlooking the perfectly manicured greens of a signature golf course fetch up to $52 million each.

They are the sunny, secure and very discreet retirement homes that most can only dream of.

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