Our Team

Our team – based in London.

Nick Mathiason

Nick Mathiason is a founder and Co-Director of Finance Uncovered. He has been a business and financial journalist for close to 30 years and has broken a sizeable number of impactful stories that have had international prominence.

George Turner

George is an investigative journalist and one of the founders of Finance Uncovered.

George has covered tax avoidance, corruption and the broken housing market. His articles have appeared on the front pages of newspapers in Germany, the UK and South Africa.

Ted Jeory

Ted Jeory is a Co-Director of Finance Uncovered.

He has worked as a news, politics and social affairs reporter and editor in local and national newspapers. He also spent many years writing an acclaimed blog about the corrupted politics of Tower Hamlets in east London.



Lionel Faull

Lionel is a senior reporter at Finance Uncovered.

His investigative interests include following the money flows behind mega-infrastructure procurement and natural resource exploitation, as well as exposing the professional enablers of grand corruption.

Margot Gibbs

Margot Gibbs is a reporter at Finance Uncovered. She has investigated the UK’s facilitation of corruption, natural resources and the environment.