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Trouble on the Lunatic Express

Today, De Correspondent (Netherlands), The Daily Reporter (Kenya), The Observer (Uganda) and MO (Belgium) have published an investigation into the Rift Valley Railway, the historic railroad connecting Kampala to the port of Mombasa. The investigation developed a project of Patrick Mayoyo, one of our members from Kenya and involved journalists from Belgium and the UK.  In this article […]


Liberia: America’s outpost of financial secrecy

The UK is not the only country that has created a web of offshore secrecy. In our latest investigation published today in South Africa’s Daily Maverick in cooperation with AmaBhungane, we probe Liberia – America’s offshore outpost in Africa. By George Turner and a Liberian journalist Finance Uncovered, working with an anonymous Liberian journalist, has exposed a little-known offshore business […]


The North Korean Connection

After North Korea last month claimed it exploded an H-Bomb, western leaders stressed the need to tighten international sanctions against the pariah state. The prospect of tighter sanctions will be of more than passing interest to a US billionaire and his extensive business dealings with Pyongyang. Today Private Eye published a piece on the North Korean activities of American Egyptian tycoon, Naguib Sawiris. The […]

MTN Mobile money stalls

Finance Uncovered Investigation: MTN’s Mauritian Billions

The Finance Uncovered global network of investigative reporters have today published a cross-border investigation into South African telecoms giant MTN exposing how billions of rand from its subsidiaries in Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda have been shifted to a shell company in the small island tax haven of Mauritius. The two year investigation spanning five countries […]


EU Parliamentary Committee calls for action on tax havens and development finance

Yesterday, Monday 2 June, the European Parliament Development Committee unanimously voted to adopt a new report calling on the EIB, EBRD and development finance institutions in member states of the European Union to monitor companies they invest in to ensure they aren’t engaging in tax avoidance through the use of tax havens. The report from the […]


Europe’s Tax Haven Investments

The IFJP published its first self-generated investigation in October 2014. It was the front page splash of Germany’s Tagesspiegel and also published in the EU Observer, De Correspondent in Dutch, Mada Masr in Egypt in English and Arabic, and thEurope’s Tax Haven Investmentse Ugandan Observer. Europe’s tax haven investments was an investigation into Qalaa holdings, […]